tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2008


Day 2:

November 25, 2008

I went out this morning to start at Kulosaari… but all the main entrances/exits are automatic! (sliding doors on motion sensors)
There were no doors to be held.
On I went to Kaisaniemi, my scheduled afternoon location…but yet again!
All the doors were either mechanical or already propped open.

So instead I sat down and thought more about a door…

What is the intended function?
- physical passageway
- to separate indoors from out
- marking entrance/exit
- security

What other meaning could it bring?
- Privilege (in terms of class, economic, social, ‘there doors open to some and not to others’)
- Gender relations/stereotypes/equality (opening the door and 'chivalry')
- Cultural values (common courtesy, sign of community)

If there is no element of obstacle (just an opening) is it still a door?
The dictionary definitions generally include the idea of a 'barrier' being involved.
I think this depends on mental vs. physical perceptions.

More on acupuncture...
Wai-yi said that acupuncture produces a warming sensation in the body.
What might produce this in an urban context?
Electricity (heating sources)...
Acts of kindness/consideration for others...

Later I wound up back at the Rautatientori/Central Railway Station…
(see photo documentation)

12:30 – 12:45
East door (again, but different time of day)
Light snow/rain.
More acknowledgements this time,
in the form of smiles and/or a ‘kiitos’,
and even one ‘paljon kiitoksia’.
A few people took a double-take after passing through the door,
looking confused/surprised when they saw what I was doing.
Others almost looked like they had heard a whisper,
not really seeing me,
but somehow seeming to notice my presence (this could just be my imgination).
One woman came up and handed me a pamphlet on four things God wants me to know.
This made me think of possible public interpretations for my action…
Often, in Canada at least, ‘charity’ work (or giving your time for other people) is connected with religion and the church community, serving in the name of faith.

North door (to long distance train platforms)
Similar to my East door experience.
People seem to be in less of a hurry.
Could the time of day take some part in explaining this?

Here is my proposed revised schedule…

12 hours,
12 locations,
At the Central Railway Station and Sornainen metro station

Varying hours.
Some repeated locations.
Observing effects of variables (for example time of day).

At the same time I intend to stay open to possibilities for new directions/suggestions...

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