keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2008

Day 3


8.50 - 9.00
Central Railway Station, East and North doors
Clear skies.
There was a man giving out free newspapers.
He asked me 'why are you holding the door?'
I replied, telling him about this project.

Thinking about it more, I came up with some questions of my own...
Why are you doing your job?
If you weren't getting paid, would you still do it?

Some ideas came to me that seem to relate...
Volunteerism, 'creating a culture'
A 'mitzvah' in Judaism, or doing a kind act

9.00 - 9.05
Central Railway Station, North doors

I tried to catch the crowds getting off the long distance trains,
flowing down the platform towards me,
looking like a river,
or blood flowing in the veins,
I installed myself in the middle,
curious how an open door affects the traffic...

9.05 - 10.00
Central Railway Station, West doors
Less people, more acknowledgement.
Fair amount of travelers with suitcases.

Chose a door where the inside one had been propped open,
responding to what was already there.

Sure, most people can open the door for themselves,
but there is something to having it opened for you sometimes...

Composure with this work is important,
and develops with practice...
For example, if I look like I am about to/waiting to go through the door myself,
people might hesitate,
and look apoligetically at me as they squeeze though,
or even stand and wait for me to go through...
this is not what I am going for.

It is fascinating to observe and activities going on around me too,
like the garbage being collected and products being delivered.

I almost got to hold the door for a pigeon...
but it wasn't really interested in going inside.

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