lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2008

Day 5


11:35 - 11:40
Central Railway Station

Today we toured the city, mostly within our assigned zone, looking at all the projects from the workshop.
Before arriving to the Central Railway Station, or Rautatieasema, I explained the plan...
(people were invited as participants and/or observers)
To choose a door and hold it for a designated 5 minute period,
meeting back together afterwards inside at our central location.

Thank you to everyone who was present.

Some reflections...
Visually it worked well to have three people on the one set of doors at the same time
(see photos), although these were the only ones I got to briefly witness.

It almost reminds me of standing guards,
where usually they are controlling who can go in/out,
perhaps preventing certain beings passage,
depending on who controls the guards,
often intended to provide security and protection.

Here there were consistently open doors,
allowing access to all (maybe even the pigeons?)

I got feedback from some students who participated,
positioning themselves at the front (South) doors,
commenting on what they noticed during the process,
different perspectives,
generating good discussion.

Now considering this experience,
I think that if involving others,
it might be better to say:
You can choose who you open the door for (all, some or none).
(thereby giving less directions and encouraging active participation)
Then see what happens..

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